Future of the High Street: exploring iterative ‘collaborative evaluation’ to reflect on and guide the project, and public life studies to reveal pilot impact.

Film by Megan Miller — project film-maker
Edinburgh illustrator Victoria Rose Ball creating window illustrations for Gorgie-Dalry high street businesses as part of the June pilot
  • Open Learning — sharing ideas, the datasets and findings produced via the project, and ‘working out loud’.
  • Local Participation — aiming to use an inclusive approach that invites diverse perspectives and genuinely feeds into decision-making.
  • Professional Exchange — facilitating collaboration and opportunities to learn and share knowledge from this project and others work.
  • Meaningful Contribution — via pilots delivering short-term small-scale high street improvements with potential for longer-term legacy, as well as developing relationships and connection via the project more broadly (e.g via the Advisory Board, workshops and other conversations).
  • Critical Reflection — reflecting on and sharing project learnings and decision-making, with a report summary of the project and its findings/learnings to be shared in July.
Example elements of the pilot Tactical Urbanism Kit on site in Jarnac Court in Dalkeith
Public Life Study in Dalkeith: tracing pedestrian flow using Procreate
Project Officer Shawn Bodden on site as part of the Public Life Study research team evaluating pilot impact

Direct from the project team: our thoughts and diaries from inside the project process — June 2021.




We bring people together to solve problems using data and design.

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Edinburgh Living Lab

Edinburgh Living Lab

We bring people together to solve problems using data and design.

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