How can we improve the design, monitoring and evaluation of temporary changes to public realm spaces? Can novel uses of urban data help us do this better?

View the Phase 1 report
View the full Phase 2 report
  1. Sentiment analysis of Edinburgh-wide Twitter data using #SpacesForPeople.
  2. Spatial data analysis of Just Eat cycle hire data (thanks to provision of a large dataset by Serco) to help reveal changes in cyclist numbers and chosen routes before and after the public realm intervention.

Sentiment analysis findings

View the live tool that updated sentiment analysis insights in real-time during this pilot project (username: spaces, password: spaces2020#).

Findings from GPS trace cycle hire data

Extract from the full ‘Piloting Novel M&E Methods for Temporary Street Interventions’ report

So, can new ways of gathering data help improve monitoring and evaluation of changes to our public realm?

Blog written by Jenny Elliott, Smart Places Lead at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, with support from Cat Magill and others at the University of Edinburgh.



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